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The thermal baths of Viterbo are a precious resource of the city and part of its history. There are  citations of the Viterbo springs by the times of the ancient Etruscans and Romans.Sigerico, Archbishop of Canterbury, who in the early Middle Ages reported traces of his return journey from Rome to England laid the foundations for the development of the Via Francigena, he  mentioned it in the VI stage of his journey. Even the great poet Dante Alighieri mentions them (Dante, Inferno - canto XIV, vv.76-84),it suggests that the beneficial sulphurous waters were highly appreciated and used for different uses and by the various social classes of that time.
The thermal system is wide and widespread on an important portion of the municipal area of ​​Viterbo. It also consists of several springs from the same thermal basin, where the water flows at high temperatures (58 ° centigrade). Certified scientific studies have established the benefits of water, fumes and sludge in the treatment of diseases of the respiratory system, skin and the prevention and treatment of dysfunctions of the skeletal limb.
It is possible to take advantage of the beneficial waters 365 days a year with a complete choice between different types of services and treatments.

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The free spas

Piscine Carletti spings has free access and easily reachable even with the urban transport service, it is the one most frequented by the  by lovers of open-air spas.

Bullicame spings is the historical one and as mentioned the quotes date back to many centuries ago, it is located in a park near the garden Botanist managed by the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Tuscia. It is characterized by its size both in the thermal baths and in the environment surrounding designed to encourage the development and protection of the rare emerald toad.

Asinello spings is the most hidden and its location which is not easy to access and it is known only to a few people. It located within a private property and its use is not allowed to outsiders, but as it is known, the forbidden fruit is always the most coveted one ...

The economic spas

Bagnaccio springs  was given by the municipality of Viterbo in management to a local association, which to access the site requests the payment of an annual fee membership or alternatively, and only once, the payment of € 5 for a trial day. It is located north of the city and very popular to campers.
Being exactly on the route of the stage N ° 40 of the via Francigena, the one that connects Montefiascone to Viterbo, it is also a coveted stop for pilgrims, whocan use the spa for free. There are numerous pools with different water temperatures. It is possible to use the spa for 365 days a year with a time ranging from 7 in the morning to 24.


Professional spas

Terme dei Papi offer all the services of a professional wellness center such as sauna, cave, mud baths, massages and are equipped with a monumental swimming pool of approximately 2000 square meters. In addition, they are affiliated with the National Health Service, so by paying a ticket of about € 50, for those entitled, you can take advantage of a cycle of 12 sessions of mud, inhalations or caves.


The Salus spas offer the services of a well-equipped spa, with large indoor and outdoor pools, suane, Turkish baths, whirlpools and personal services in an environmentquiet and refined. Access to minors under the age of 14 is not allowed.


The Oasi spas are located north of the city, they are the last ones to open to the public, they offer a large outdoor area and indoor relaxation areas.
Evening packages with spas and buffets are very welcome to visitors.


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